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The introduction of various scholarship schemes like Kanyashree, Swami Vivekananda Scholarship Scheme etc. and the Student Credit Card Scheme by the Government of West Bengal has provided opportunities to the students of economically weaker families to take up various career oriented courses in addition to their general degree program.
The college authority is always sincere about accomplishing its commitment towards the needs of the economically challenged students. The college provides financial support to the poor students through various scholarship schemes of the Government. However, in addition to the government scheme based support the college provides free studentship (either half free or full free based on the financial position of the students concerned) to a large number of students who could not avail the benefit of any government scheme every year from its own fund. Almost 10% students got the benefit of free studentship every year. Overall 58% students avail the benefits of various scholarship schemes. The college also provides financial assistance to the needy students from Student Aid Fund Scheme.